What to disclose when selling your house

What to Disclose When Selling Your House

So you know somethings not working properly, should you disclose it?”

What do I need to disclose when selling my home? It’s smart to disclose any issues right upfront. My broker has a saying, if you have to ask, then you probably need to disclose. Your buyers will have the right to inspect the home, so it’s best they not be hit with bad news after going under contract. If you know of problems with the appliances, plumbing, electric, HVAC, roof, foundation, property lines, or deed, these need to be listed on the Seller’s Disclosure. Here in Naples, if you disclose things that are wrong with your home on the seller’s disclosure you are NOT required to fix them. If there are repairs that you can have done before listing, go ahead and take care of those. Anything that cannot be remedied before listing should be considered when setting your list price. When in doubt, disclose! You need to disclose to your agent AND the buyer, it can save you a lawsuit down the road.

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