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The Mercato Naples

Thank you for tuning in to another episode of Lavish Living in Naples. I’m your host, Kim Menkhorst, and today we’re here at one of the most iconic places in Naples, the Mercato. The Mercato Naples is a place where residents and visitors alike come. It’s really the epicenter in North Naples, for people who are looking for something to do. 

With stores like Whole Foods, Z Gallerie, J Crew, and over 20 restaurants, they have office space and even places to live. It actually is probably one of the only places in Naples that has a nightlife. But what I really want to talk to you guys about today is the fact that Mercato is trying something new, which I love. They’re helping to showcase local businesses, artists, and small business owners, and giving them a chance to have a space here where everyone comes.

Interview with local artist, Silvina Marzari

Kim Menkhorst:The Mercato Naples

I’m here with Silvina Marzari, local artist in Naples, Florida, and I’ve been following Silvina Marzari’s art for probably five years. I actually have had her commission a few pieces for me. Most recently, for a buyer of mine who sold his home on the beach. She did an amazing job, she painted the view. He was there for over 35 years. It was unbelievable. So we actually shifted to Switzerland, and he loved it. So, I wanted to interview her today and just ask her a few questions, and showcase her artwork. Okay, so I know that you’re not originally from Naples. So tell me what brought you to the area?

Silvina Marzari:

Well, I am originally from Argentina, and I lived in New York most of my adult life. And, for the past 21 years, I was visiting Naples and coming here on vacation, and I just fell in love with the light and the colors, and just felt serene feeling of being here. I just felt like I was on vacation. I’m so inspired by the colors and the vibrancy of the people, the beach, the flowers. Every day is a new source of inspiration.

Kim Menkhorst:

So I can really see that in your artwork. That’s what I liked the most is it brings out the colors, and brings out some of my favorites are the Naples Pier that you have, different local spots around Naples, but then you bring the very vibrant, cool colors, which I love. So, I know you’re at Mercato right now. What brought you to Mercato? How were you able to get a studio over here?

Silvina Marzari:

So Mercato rotates amongst local artists and gives everyone an opportunity to showcase their work. And, this was our chance. I’m sharing this space with two other amazing local artists, Sandy and Ray, and our styles is very different from each other, but at the same time we compliment our artwork.

Kim Menkhorst:

Yeah. No, there’s some very cool pieces around here. I know you’re at Mercato, obviously, like we just talked about, so what stores are your favorite around here?

The Mercato NaplesSilvina Marzari:

Well, if it’s happy hour, I love to go to Bar Tulia for a quick bite and a great drink. Otherwise, Narrative Coffee Roasters, they have the best coffees for a great coffee break. And, just every restaurant and store around here are just top of the line.

Kim Menkhorst:

Perfect. So, out of all the art you’ve created, which one in this gallery is your favorite piece so far?

Silvina Marzari:

I would have say the one closest to my heart is the one that I named To Be Still and Know. And, it just showcases a moment in time where there’s a young boy looking at some birds. They’re eating some crumbs off the ground, and he’s meditating on the fact that sometimes in the waiting, we grow and we are closer to God.

Kim Menkhorst:

So I also, we talked about earlier too, kind of along those lines, how every painting tells a story. So, I know… She’s actually created artwork of my own children. So she’s done that for my baby, the picture of my baby, I just love it. So I know everybody creates art. So besides buying things in your gallery, you can also commission art, obviously, directly through you. Where can they find your artwork?

Silvina Marzari:

SGM.fine.art on Instagram.

Kim Menkhorst:

Wait, let me clarify. That’s sgm.fine.art.

Silvina Marzari:


Kim Menkhorst:

All three of these artists have amazing pieces. I would come down and check them out next time you’re at Mercato. And thank you, Silvina, for taking time today to show us around.

Silvina Marzari:

Thank you for coming.

Hand & Harvest Mercato Naples

In addition to local artists, the Hand & Harvest Market has their displays twice a month. Some of the vendors include Concrete Gardens, which showcases planters, candle holders, and home accessories. French Ostrich, which does mixed-media jewelry. Happy Calm, which 

has trays and coasters that are really cool. Juicelation, they offer fresh cold-pressed juice. KP Firebowls Shop, they do custom fire bowls in all different sizes and colors. Naples Honey Company has local raw honey. Oh Wow Candles offers hand-poured, 100% soy wax candles. And Market Spa has handmade skincare and aroma therapy. Another favorite is the Woodland Treasures, which shows fine wood cutting boards, utensils, and more.

Kim Menkhorst:

Thanks for watching this episode of Lavish Living in Naples. I’m your host, Kim Menkhorst, luxury realtor here in Naples, Florida. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and follow. See you next time.

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