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Pros and Cons of Living in Downtown Naples Florida

Downtown Naples or Olde Naples as we call it, is the heart of Naples Florida. The main street is 5th Avenue South, lined all year round with twinkling lights, this is where residents and tourists flock. This coveted area has many condos and single-family home options for living.  With fine dining, live music, boutiques, parks, and theaters just blocks to the beach, it’s easy to see why downtown Naples is so attractive. Another amazing area in Downtown Naples is 3rd Street South, which features more amazing restaurants and shopping. Both streets are great places to stroll, shop, eat, and gather in our beautiful city. But downtown Naples does come with its restrictions when considering moving to or visiting the area, but Let’s start with the pro’s Number 1. It’s walkable – everything is a close distance away such as parks, dog parks, the beach, shops, dining, etc. But feel free to bike or take the golf cart! Number 2. There are so many community events like art fairs, car shows, and fundraisers that happen throughout the year, as well as annual events during the holidays that can’t be missed. Be sure to check out my video, Top Christmas Events and Holiday traditions in Naples for a great list of these. Number 3. You’re close to Marinas and public boat docks, as well as yacht clubs,  which makes getting out on the water a breeze..  Number 4. There are housing options from condos to single-family homes that range in age and scale. You can even buy a house right on the beach if you can afford it that is! The last one on my list can be a pro or a con depending on how you see it. There are no high-rise buildings in downtown Naples, due to a city ordinance, buildings cannot be over 4 stories (with a few exceptions). This keeps a more quaint vibe, discourages congestion, and keeps the views unobstructed.  As Naples continues to grow, new construction opportunities do become available in the downtown area, but they are very limited and go very fast! The latest condo going up in the downtown area is Aura Metropolitan. Today we’re going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at this luxury project and get the inside scoop from Ed Gonzalez, Aura’s on-site sales representative. Even though Aura’s options are slim, the building provides an opportunity for people to get closer to downtown and be in a great location.  At this time, there are only 56 units in phase one and they will go fast! If you want to know more about this building, give me a call directly at 239-776-0093, I can help you find your little piece of downtown Naples! Ok, so now let’s discuss the cons of living in downtown Naples. You know the good always has to come with some bad. Cons Number 1. It is Expensive to live downtown. Like most metropolitan centers, close access to shopping, dining, and nightlife comes at a cost. Plus parking can be an issue, but the good news is we do have free parking garages around the core area. Number 2. Traffic and line-ups!  Again like in any city, downtown Naples can get congested and loud. The winter season can be very busy so make sure to make reservations for dining well in advance. Check out my Top 5 Restaurants video for a great checklist of places to book. The good news is hurricane impact glass removes most noise, well except when you’re entertaining or relaxing on the patio. Nothing that a glass of wine can’t fix though. Number 3. If you do take the plunge and move downtown, everyone will be calling you to come to visit. Oh, I guess that can be a pro or con!  Overall Downtown Naples is a great place to live or visit. Be sure to let me know what your favorite spot is downtown in the comments below. Thanks for joining me today, If you’re looking for more fun things to do in Naples, check out my video on the top 10 things to do in Naples Florida. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share this video. See you next time.

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