Ongoing Phone Scams Naples Florida

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As we enter the holiday season where family and friends get together, we ask that you please take a minute to speak with your parents or grandparents about the phone scams that are still going on across the country.

One of the more prevalent scams at this time is the grandparent scam. This occurs when the scammers call, claiming to be a grandchild who is in legal trouble or in need of money, and they beg them not to call their parents.
These scammers are really good at talking the grandparents into not calling anyone in the family.
Lawyers and Law Enforcement will not have anyone go and purchase gift cards or Western Union for payment.
We work closely with the retail stores in Collier County. They hopefully will ask questions and make sure older people are aware of the scams if they show up with large amounts of cash in order to purchase gift cards or wire money.
We just ask that you take a minute and talk about this with family members so that everyone is aware of what is going on and help us reduce the number of victims to this kind of crime.
Again, if you ever have a question about a suspicious phone call you can call the CCSO at 252-9300.
Thank You!

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