7 Tips For Making Your Home More Peaceful

Discover 7 Tips For Making Your Home More Peaceful

Our homes are our place of solidarity and refuge. Your home should be your sanctuary: The place you’re able to unwind and relax after a stressful day at the office. We have 7 tips for creating that space and making your home more peaceful.

1. Add Rugs or Carpets

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Here in Naples we love our tile and marble flooring.  Its easy for cleaning and keeps homes cooler during the brutal Florida heat, but sometimes flooring can feel like just that – cold.  Adding a rug or carpet is an easy way to mix your style (or current trend obsession) in while not having to renovate the entire space.  Want to change the room color but don’t want to commit to that? Buy a new rug!  The latest trends in rugs and carpeting are bright patterns, faux fur, and bamboo or earthy tones.  Rugs are so versatile you can also use them to further warm up wood flooring as well.

Adding rugs to fit your style and mood help calm but also cuts down on the noise, which in turn makes a space feel cozy and comforting.

2.Embrace Tranquil Paint Colors

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Tranquil paint colors include grays, blues and other neutral tones. They also work great in Southwest Florida because they are earthly and excude the feeling of beachside cottage. Blue is considered a restful paint color, which is why its a popular chose for interior decorators, especially when trying to find the perfect bedroom paint color.  White is another popular color because it soothes the mind but you don’t have to go overboard with it. Not everything in the room has to be white. It could be soft white fabrics or big fluffy pillows or faux fur and trendy rugs.  There is also such a thing as sound proofing paint! Cool right? Companies like Serenity Coating specifically create these paints to reflect and absorb excess sounds. Want to see read more about the popular 2016 paint colors? Check out this post.

3. Include Natural Lighting – to an extent

There is no shortage of sunshine here in Naples Florida and that’s what we love most about it, however, depending on the exposure of your home the sunlight can be too harsh inside.  Use the sunlight to your advantage.  Buy simple white drapes or rice paper curtains to mute the harshness while still allowing the and creating a warm glow that illuminates your space.

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4. Light it Right

When thinking interior lighting use lower lights which create a feeling of warmth and intimacy instead of overhead lighting which can be harsh.  Buy cute lamps which create a peaceful ambiance in the evening.  In love with your chandeliers and custom light fixtures? No problem, put everything on a dimmer to utilize the beauty that is already within your home.

 5. De-cluttering Your Space Helps

De-clutter Your Mind

I don’t know how many times I hear clients and friends bring this up. If your home isn’t in order and organized you feel out of balance and stressed and it strangely affects all areas of your life.  Take a weekend to declutter your spaces, closets and drawers that collect items, it may seem trivial but this type of orderliness can really give you a feeling of control and accomplishment.

6. Use Flowers to Brighten Your Room and Mood<img src="makingyourhomemorepeaceful.jpeg" alt="making your home more peaceful"

Behavioral research shows that freshly cut flowers provide measurable uplifting in one’s mood.  Colors and scents are really a personal thing when it comes to flowers so choose what makes you feel calm and smile.  While bright varieties may make some happy or bring comfort, a safe bet would be to add neutral flowers around your home such as summer roses or white hydrangeas.

7. Create a Space for Stress Relief

Find what works to keep your stress at bay and invest in keeping that space clean, crisp and full of things that help you unwind.  Whether that’s a library, bathroom, tv room, or outdoor area, finding your zen spot is finding what works for you.  Treat yourself to a new book or bubble bath, download calming music or even talk to your friends and family from out of town.  Whatever it is that helps create peace within your home, invest in it!

For more home tips, please visit our blog frequently, click here to read about popular home trends 2016 when considering a redesign.

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