How Much is My House Worth Naples?

How Much is My House Worth in Naples Florida?

It’s the age old question “how much is my house worth?”

When selling emotions run high, especially if you’ve lived in your home for years. Sometimes I have sellers who love their home so deeply, they can’t see clearly where to price it. Other times, sellers are looking to recoup 100% of their upgrade or renovation costs. ⁣I’ve literally had sellers keep lists of every light bulb and thing they fixed around the home and insisted that’s why their home is worth.

⁣Truth is, pricing a home is more than emotions or renovation costs. It’s comparables, location, size, age, condition, updates, and other economic indicators. Here in Naples we have a few other things that influence the price believe it or not. Rear exposure, lot size, view, is it waterfront, golf course, 

I’ve also heard this.  Pricing high will give me room to negotiate.⁣

“Let’s price it a little higher so I’ll have more room to negotiate,” says a well-intentioned but sorely mistaken home seller.  ⁣

This happens a good bit, but overpricing is the #1 way to sabotage your home sale. Pricing a home higher will lead to a higher sale price is just flat out WRONG! The first few days of listing typically bring the highest offers—overprice it and buyers won’t be interested. They’re working with agents who know what your home is worth. ⁣

While a good agent will always listen to your ideas, he or she will use tried-and-true methods to price your home accurately.⁣

Trust me. I can’t tell you how many times I told a customer where it would sell and but they insisted on listing it high, after a few price reductions, it sold exactly where I told them it would. It happens so many times, it’s scary. You have to trust a professional who does this day and in and day out and studies the market. 

Ready to Sell?

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