8 Steps to a Show-Stopping Home Showing


One of the craziest parts of selling is prepping for home showings —especially on short notice!

In this video, I’m going to share my list to simplify the process and make a killer first impression on buyers.⁣ A quick heads up though — a top-to-bottom deep clean of your house before it hits the market goes a long way in keeping no-notice prep doable. I highly recommend it – even if you have to hire it out. It’s worth every penny!⁣ ⁠

Ok, it’s time to grab your pencils. Here are my 8 STEPS TO A SHOW-STOPPING HOME SHOWING

1. Hide everyday clutter like laundry, towels, dish rags, small appliances, toys, dishes, and pet “stuff.”⁣⁠

2. Replace everyday bath towels with crisp white “show” towels.⁣⁠

3. Put toilet seats down and take out all the trash.⁣⁠

4. Clear off and wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters.⁣⁠

5. Make the beds. Think hotel quality presentation!

6. Vacuum and sweep all the floors. (Short on time? Just go for the main living areas.)⁣⁠

7. Put all your valuables away or take them with you.⁣⁠ And finally,

8. Open all the interior doors, turn on all the lights, and open all the blinds and curtains⁣⁠

Remember, buyers are looking at your house — not your housekeeping skills. But you still want your home to look spectacular for every single buyer. ⁣⁠ If you’d like more tips on how to get your home ready to sell, I’m here. Let’s chat or meet for coffee! Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more tips like this one and check out my others tips right here on my blog.


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