Buying a Home in Naples – 9 Things you CANNOT do if you want to close on a house

If you’re Buying a Home in Naples DON’T do these 9 things:

We were all set for closing, I was representing the seller, and we just got word that the buyer wanted to move up the closing date a few weeks, GREAT!  The home was vacant and ready for a new owner to put their own touches on it and begin making memories. 1 day before closing, I got a frantic call from the agent’s assistant to please meet him and the buyer at the home the following day. RED FLAG. I immediately knew something was wrong. Long story short, the buyer unfortunately spent an exuberant amount of money on purchases in a 1 month time span and just when the underwriting was preparing for closing, these purchases skewed his debt to income ratio and therefore he was denied the loan. Just like that. I felt so bad for the buyer, he had been looking for 1 year and was so excited. I don’t want this to happen to you.

Edgardo Balentine of Prime Residential Mortgage in Naples, has created a list for homebuyers to explain not only what you need to be careful about doing, but also what you CAN be doing to make sure everything goes smoothly in the 30-45 days leading up to your home’s closing.


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