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Best Food in Naples & Organic Living and Where to Shop 

As people take care of themselves physically with pickle ball, beach walks, bike rides, or joining a tennis team, they naturally they start to lean towards eating cleaning and choosing to take control of their health.

While Organic and healthy living means different things for different people I want to showcase different categories in Naples that really cater to those looking to live a more natural yet luxurious lifestyle.

I want to start by saying that Naples really caters and offers a lot for those who are crunchy, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and everyone in between who are looking for a more alternative health journey. And while you may automatically have a thought in mind when I saw this, every store and business here in Naples is actually presented in a very upscale environment.

Let’s start with the food aspect & What to expect:

No list of organic and healthy living can be complete without mentioning Food & Thought, Food and Thought 2, Seed to Table, and Oakes Farm.

All have the same owner with the concept of farm to table food. However, the owner has taken everything to the next level and really created a unique experience for all the locations, focusing on different foods, and crowds, and they have executed flawlessly on their concepts. Really setting a standard above anyone in the country for such experiences.

I could literally do an entire episode on everything these , but today I’m going to stay on point.

Most of you already know that all of the Oakes Farms have a grocery store option as well as pre-packaged food. Food & Thought is the only fully organic grocery store in all of Florida. They have an adorable seating area to get food to go, stay and have your juice or fresh ground coffee.

There are also sustainable clothing here too for the entire family. It’s quiet and quaint while Seed to Table on the other side of town, has over 60k square feet of everything you can imagine.

I have overheard more than one person say in there “ this place is like disneyworld for adults”. To learn more about Oakes Farms, check out their YouTube channel here, @seedtotablenaples I said there is so much more to these stores than I could ever explain in one video.

We also have national chains offering fresh foods: Sprouts, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Fresh Market and more.

Now lets get to my favorite, the sweet treats.

If you want gluten free (that doesn’t taste like cardboard), these are my favorite bakeries:

– Angelics Bakery in Vanderbilt Galleria

– Epiphany bakery in North Naples across from NCH hospital

– Cak’d

– If you don’t have a gluten intolerance but don’t always feel right on sweet treats, you can also try Carole’s bakery. There is a location in East Naples it’s a French bakery with imported flour so you’re more likely to be able to tolerate it. And Oh my gosh, her food is amazing! My personal favorite is when she has the beignets with homemade hazelnut (better than Nutella) filling.

There are plenty of cafes & juice bars too that you can check out. They also cater to Vegans and Vegetarians. There are so many restaurants that also offer Vegan and vegetarian dishes and are mindful of cross contamination. 

Here’s a small starter list: 

– Juicelation 

– Delicious Raw Kitchen & Juice Bar 

– Acai bowls (The Bowl, Scoops, Nautlicus, etc) 

– Fit & Fuel Bicycle Cafe 

– Green Apron Cafe 

– Lake Park Diner 

– Organically Twisted 

– True Foods (it’s a national chain but so tasty it’s worth mentioning) 

– Bean to Cup Coffee Lounge 

We also have a lot of local skincare & body products that are organic & natural, such as Naples Soap Company (@naplessoapcompany) 

We also are very blessed to have an entire community of alternative and integrative healthcare options. In this category there are too many specialities to mention but if you’re open to different types of naturopathy & preventive care Naples is going to be a good fit for you. 

If you want to be sustainable and grow your own food and livestock. There are options for that as well. Local gardening clubs (since it’s not easy as easy as up north to grow your own vegetables here), Usually people looking for this lifestyle choose to live in Golden Gate Estates for acreage and no restrictions. 

The last person that’s going to welcome your chickens is an Home owners association. 

Overall you can see for those who are mindful and wanting fresh clean foods, holistic health and more natural lifestyle, with too many cafes and stores to mention, follow me on Facebook as well @lavishlivingnaplesfl where I’m going to tag a bunch of cafes & locations.

Be sure to like, share & subscribe to my channel here as well as my newsletter on my homepage. I’ll see you soon!

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